Breaking the World

I’m proud to announce that Apex Book Company will be publishing my debut novel, Breaking the World.

The apocalyptic thriller takes place during the fifty-one day standoff between the FBI and the Branch Davidian Church. It focuses on three outcast teenagers, nonbelievers dragged to a Christian commune in Texas by their born-again parents.

When a botched government raid on the church turns deadly, the teens must take charge of their own destiny in order to survive a clash between infamous cult leader David Koresh, an erratic FBI, and a growing pandemic that seems to confirm the worst of the church’s prophecies.

The novel takes readers deep inside the standoff, offering a perspective on the government raid that questions the news media’s reporting of the event, the wisdom of militarizing domestic law enforcement, and the blurry line between religion and cult.

The book will be released on April 19th on the 25th anniversary of the standoff.

Press Release

Written by Jerry Gordon