The Martian by Andy Weir

Robinson Crusoe meets Apollo 13 in this tale of a smart-ass engineer stranded on the surface of Mars when his mission goes horribly wrong.  The near-future novel, written by one of NASA’s own, presents an ultra-plausible fight for survival against astronomical odds.  Mark Watney caries this problem-solving love letter to the space program with wit, determination, and MacGyver-esque abilities.

The book’s weakness lies in its greatest strength, a singular focus on survival.  But you won’t care.  You’ll be too busy trying to save Mark Watney.  I listened to The Martian on audiobook.  The story, mainly told through mission logs, is perfect for this format.

That said, I loved the book enough to order a paperback.

Ridley Scott will be directing a film version, but you should really give Andy Weir‘s novel a read.

Highly recommended.

The Martian:  Trade Paperback, Audiobook

Written by Jerry Gordon